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About us

Wasabi Running Sushi, Iulius Mall, Cluj brought in Romania the “running sushi” concept by a sushi-go-round system. With the All You Can Eat & Drink concept we offer to our clients the possibility to choose from a Japanese culinary diversity. This location is in Iulius Mall, ground floor, offering fresh sushi and cooked dishes for more than 7 years.


Wasabi Sushi Bar from Polus Center Cluj offers to all sushi lovers the possibility to enjoy sushi mixes, prepared on the spot by specialized cooks, trained by Master Chef Tsuchiya Naofumi, the owner of Tokyo Group.


Wasabi Sushi Bar, Iulius Mall, Second Floor, Timisoara. Sushi is  presented on coloured  plates. The Sushi price is different for every coloured plate.  Wasabi Sushi Bar, Timisoara -  freshness and Culinary Show – Sushi prepared on the Spot!


Wasabi Sushi Bar

E-mail : info@wasabi-sushi.ro

Web: www.wasabi-sushi.ro