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Wasabi Vivo! - japanese culinary bar, Polus Center, Food Court

The only place from Polus where you can have Japan in your plate! You can enjoy Sushi in many combinations: rolls, nigiri, maki and also, Japanese drinks.

Our menu offers diversity of sushi in coloured  plates. The Sushi price is different for every coloured plate. Sushi from Wasabi Sushi Bar is made in front of our clients, with a culinary show!

The culinary delight becomes real every day with \"All You Can Eat & Drink\"new offer!

Price/ pers. / hour: 69 Lei


Monday - Friday  10:00 - 18:00 - 61 Lei/Hour/Pers.

                               VIVO!, Food Court

We know what you need...Sushi to eat!

Enjoying Sushi from Wasabi since 2009!


Wasabi Polus Center Cluj

E-mail : info@wasabi-sushi.ro

Telefon : 0725 896 650

Web: www.wasabi-sushi.ro