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The Wasabi® Franchise

Wasabi, by the concepts proposed for franchising:

  • Running Sushi,
  • Sushi Bar,
  • Sushi Shop,
  • Sushi Restaurant,
  • Sushi Delivery,

-  is willing to bring sushi – the most known nippon food outside the Japan’s borders, close to its clients.

WASABI was founded in Romania and represents Wasabi Running Sushi and Wasabi Sushi Bar, the property of  Japanese Master Chef Tsuchiya Naofumi.

Wasabi is a part of Tokyo Group, internationally recognized by AJSA - All Japan Sushi Association.

Contact - 0744 261 471.



Wasabi Sushi Bar

E-mail : info@wasabi-sushi.ro

Web: www.wasabi-sushi.ro