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Wasabi Cluj si Timisoara 3

We have 5 concepts for franchising: Running Sushi, Sushi Bar, Sushi Shop, Sushi Restaurant, Sushi Delivery.


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The refined foods prepared according to authentic Japanese recipes and professional cooks conquered increasingly more residents of Romania. We opened our first restaurant in Romania with original Japanese dishes in a sushi-go-round system. So you can enjoy the healthy food in a short time.

Running Sushi Wasabi is based on the concept of All You Can Eat & Drink: you can enjoy mixes of sushi and cooked dishes after its discretion, for one hour each day, from Monday to Sunday between 10:00 A.M. - 21:45 P.M.

Created in Transylvania to offer customers both culinary diversity, and a new perspective of serving: kitchen prepared, sight, more than 70 varieties of sushi and Japanese cuisine, specializing in culinary equipment around them.



Wasabi Sushi Bar

E-mail : info@wasabi-sushi.ro

Web: www.wasabi-sushi.ro